Beginning Class

In this class, five projects are completed: two different types of bands, a wire pendant with a small bezel-set stone, a ring with a stone, and a larger pendant with a different design.  Familiarizing oneself with basic skills, and mastering soldering are the focus.

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Intermediate Class

Two major projects are completed in this class:  a bracelet, and a wide band ring.  Most people have time to choose and complete a third project.  The focus of this class is learning some new techniques and working with bigger pieces.

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Advanced Class

The focus in this class is fine-tuning your torch control and working with faceted stones.  Students typically learn to bezel-set faceted stones, make a prong setting for a faceted stone, and create a hinged piece.

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Silversmithing is Enjoyable


As a school teacher, I found myself lacking a concrete finished product that I could look at and say, "I made that."  I filled that void with silversmithing.  In the early 90's, already a rockhound, I found myself wanting to learn lapidary so I could do something productive with all the cool minerals I had brought home.  At the time, I was unable to find anyone to teach me this craft.  I was able to find some metalsmithing courses, and I really enjoyed doing it.  I spent several years tinkering with it, and then reconnected with my mentor who provided further guidance.  It has turned into an extremely satisfying and important part of my life.  If you have a need to create like I did, perhaps this is the medium for you!


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